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"go on ask away"

well thats good :D

yesss! i dont want to be depressed anymore. i wanna be happy

i sent that so long ago xD

i just got it xD but it just brightened my mood lol

things I can’t imagine

  • someone having a crush on me
  • someone randomly seeing me and thinking ‘wow she’s cute’
  • someone getting happy because I messaged them first
  • someone thinking about me, in general
  • someone wondering how I am
  • someone finding me attractive
  • someone doing something to try and impress me
  • someone asking their friend on what to say to me 
  • someone wanting to get to know me

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hey you are beautiful and i fucking love you always remember that. and i will always be here to talk to you :)

dawwwww thank you pat :3

someone should send me some questions or something..oh wait i only have like 20 followers -.-